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Monday, July 24, 2017


last night you came to me in a dream.
you asked me if i was still in love with you.
my heart exploded and i cried.
i am and always will be.

it wasn't like you happened into my thoughts
you were intentionally there.

you were very present
you kissed me.

no matter where i went in my dream,
each phase of my dreaming
you were there.

i could feel you in my soul

you always said you would meet me in my dreams
on our moonbeam....

you were right

thank you

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

23 x 2

my sweet joey,

it's hard to fathom
that the years have doubled
since the world
as i knew it
and my heart shattered
hearing the words
"he didn't make it".

i didn't want this to be real.
i begged god
to please bring you back to us
it was too soon
we had so many things to do
you had so much more life to live
what about our family?
how do i do this without you?
i could hear you say
you have to do this
for our family
for you
for me.

my head was spinning
my heart was aching so bad
i could feel it in my soul.
and that aching
that pain
is just as real today
as it was 23 years ago.

joey, this day broke me wide open.
i didnt know what strength was
until it was my only option.

losing you
 taught me so much...
about love
and courage
and how to keep our family together
even when i was falling apart.
it taught me
to make the most of every day
to be a better person
to love fiercely
with reckless abandon
and to never withhold good from anyone
to see others with the eyes of love.
from the ashes came so much beauty.

recently i read a quote that said
you never realize the value of a moment
until it becomes a memory.
our last goodbye kiss
and i love you as you got in our truck
to leave... i can still see your smile,
hear your voice
and feel the love we shared.

i miss you so much, woe joe.
this year is just as painful as the first.
my face is a wet, salty mess.
i don't know what is worse,
the shock of losing you
or the ache
of not having more days with you.

this grief thing doesn't change...
it still hurts like hell.

i will always mourn the loss
of you in our lives
and also, celebrate the days shared with you.

thinking of you
and loving you always
and holding you close in my heart.

never goodbye
see you later...


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

i see

i see carefree living
where laughter comes easy 
and midnight pillow talks are the norm
where unplanned picnics and hikes to hidden places 
and "let's go somewhere that we've never been"
is natural. 

i see smiling faces
big hugs and tenderness 
when things get tough
comfort is right beside you/me. 

i see love overflowing
where judgement does not exist
where kindness and laughter
spill out everywhere
all day long

i see soul growth
looking inside
putting paper to pen
to make it all real
to get it out
to re read again
and see how far we've come.

i see cooking together
and drinking it all in
the love
the smells
the wine
the moment
the magic

i see memories being made
ones that last lifetimes
ones that our kids tell
their kids

i see making it through
the rough times
knowing that it is safe
and that one day we will laugh about it

i see this life
so worth living
and doing
and being
in this moment
without worry.

this is your life
live wildly!  

Monday, July 13, 2015

the leap

taking a step into the unknown can make you
both vulnerable and unsure. 
it's scary when you can't see where 
your next footstep will fall. 

the beautiful thing is that you
are taking the leap. 
that you are trusting the process 
and staying on the path to reach 
your goals. 

your journey is just beginning... 
you have so much living 
and learning ahead of you.
and even more so, 
you are gifted the time 
to make it happen. 

i want you to know that i believe in you. 
i believe that you will take this 
opportunity to do the things you never 
thought you could. 
to be the YOU 
that has always taken a back seat 
to what others thought you should 
be doing and not what your heart desired. 

now is the time 
and it's all you. 
take it
embrace it
and rock this world. 

all the passion
the desire
the willingness 
and the want
reside inside your beautiful soul. 
go for it! you've got this! 

always know... 
that if you change your mind 
and want something different;
it does not mean that you failed. 
it means you have a higher vision 
and want something more. 
you will know what you want 
by how it feels in your heart.

in your corner, 


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

thinking out loud

after so many breaks of my heart
i forgot the beauty in feeling 
how the beat of a song 
and the lyrics unfolding 
taking me to a place 
i thought was long forgotten

you whispered to the embers 
in this heart of mine
with tenderness and truth
without regards to anything 
but the here and now
setting the flame ablaze

your tender whispers and words of love 
have dismantled the fortress 
i have built 

patience and continuous love 
that has proven unquenchable 
brings me back to the core 
of that
that comes straight from your belly. 
letting me know that 
true unashamed love exists
in the here and now. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


with your soft and contagious smile
with a splash of mischief and innocence
with your spirit aglow and your heart on your sleeve
and your head held high and your confidence beaming
that passes the mirror and doesnt pay it no mind
that knows it's not who you are just your reflection
who loves with her whole being
and seeks out the hidden things that make others special
who embraces your so called flaws as miraculous beauty
that shows others how lovely their uniqueness is
who shines bright on the darkest of days
and embraces her shadows with love and light
over there

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

wild moon

for this chilly night
with blankets pilled high
the choir of crickets 
singing their songs
my eyelids trying to stay open
to get one last glimpse 
of this beautiful moon
my soul and mind at peace 
ready for sweet slumber
as i drink in one last drop 
of your wildly brilliant light